BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research

Neil Selwyn is one of the editors of the newly published 'BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research'. This is a two volume/41 chapter collection of new writing on methods and methodology - commissioned by the British Educational Research Association.

second edition of ‘Education and Technology: Key Issues & Debates’

The second edition of Neil Selwyn's 'Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates' is now published through Bloomsbury. This is a thoroughly revised version of...

Digital Technology, Schools and Teachers’ Workplace Learning.

Mike Phillips has a new book published by Palgrave Macmillan which is the latest addition to the Digital Technology and Education series. Mike's book extends his...

Video as Method

Anne Harris has a new book out called "Video as Method" which is part of the Understanding Qualitative Research series published by Oxford University Press.

Is Technology Good For Education?

Neil Selwyn's new book 'Is Technology Good For Education' has been published by Polity Press. The book casts a critical eye over some of the recent developments in digital education - including personalised learning, data and analytics, and the rise of ed-tech in Silicon Valley.

Book Chapters

Education & Technology: critical approaches

Neil Selwyn is one of the featured authors in an authoritative collection of essays just published by Brazil’s Universidade Estácio de Sá. Titled ‘Education and Technology: Critical Approaches’ ('Educação e Tecnologia: Abordagens Críticas'), the book features 12 chapters in Portuguese and English translations. Authors include Audrey Watters, Richard Hall, Martin Weller, Jermey Knox, Lesley Gourlay, Raquel Barreto and Ralph Bannell,

new Turkish collaboration on digital childhood

Neil Selwyn is one of the featured authors in a new collection of collaborations between Turkish academics and international researchers working in the area of digital childhood. The book - Di̇ji̇tal yaşamda çocuk (Children's Digital Lives) - features a range of authors, including Sonia Livingstone, Marc Prensky, Amanda Third and Stephen Balkam.

Considering Context: Teachers TPACK Development and Enactment

Mike Phillips, Matt Koehler and Josh Rosenberg have a new book chapter in the Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2016 published by the Association for the Advancement of Computing Education (AACE). Building on their previous work presented at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Mike, Matt and Josh have extended their exploration of contextual factors shaping teachers technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK).

Toward a digital sociology of school

LNM members have a new chapter in 'Digital Sociologies' - a benchmark publication in the establishment of this new sub-field of sociology, featuring contributions from Saskia Sassen, Karen Gregory, Deborah Lupton, Tressie McMillan Cottom and Jesse Daniels.

The Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology

Neil Selwyn has a chapter included in the new Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology. This collection of 29 chapters features some of the leading...

Journal Article

new paper on devices in the classroom & BYOD

A new article from our ARC project has just been published in the Oxford Review of Education. Titled 'Left to their own devices: the...

new paper in Surveillance & Society

'Post-panoptic pedagogies' - the latest paper from LNM's ARC funded research project into schools and digital technology - has just been published in the journal Surveillance & Society.

¿Nuevas culturas del aprendizaje?

A long-form interview with Neil Selwyn has just been published in the Spanish academic journal Boletín de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza (No.104, pp.51-77). Neil was in conversation with Linda Castañeda as part of an evening at Madrid's 'Institución Libre de Enseñanza'. The article (in Spanish) is available through SocArXiv

Young children’s everyday concepts of the internet: A platform for cyber-safety education in the...

LNM members Suzy Edwards and Michael Henderson with ACU and Deakin colleagues have a new publication in BJET on cybersafety education in early childhood.

High-Tech, Hard Work: an investigation of teachers’ work in the digital age

A new paper on teachers' work from LNM's ARC-funded digital schools project has just been published in Learning, Media & Technology. The paper examines...


End-of-project report from ACCAN project now available

The final report from LNM's recent research on 'proxy' internet use has just been released. The project was conducted for ACCAN over 2015 and 2016. The project explored the ways in which people help others to make use of the internet - often involving themselves in important and/or ‘risky’ online activities – e.g. banking, personal finances and purchasing goods.

Academic research in education, technology and media: mapping the field

Author(s): Neil Selwyn Nicola F. Johnson Scott Bulfin Michael Henderson Year of publication: 2013 Based on survey data from 462 ‘research active’ academic researchers this new research report examines the state...

Teenagers, Legal Risks and Social Networking Sites

Author(s): Melissa de Zwart David Lindsay Michael Henderson Michael Phillips Year of publication: 2011 Risks posed by forms of abusive behaviour such as cyber-bullying and grooming have been emphasised, both...

Exemplar Schools: Digistories of using innovative learning technologies

Author(s): Bernard Holkner Geoff Romeo Michael Henderson Glenn Auld Glenn Russell Wee Tiong Seah Anthony Fernando Year of publication: 2008 The aim of this study was to identify and document exemplary use of information and...