Dr Katrina Tour

Dr Katrina Tour


Katrina is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. Her current research projects investigate how people use digital technologies and new literacies for everyday life, work and learning in different language contexts. Katrina is an author of a number of publications in the field of digital media, literacy and TESOL published locally and internationally. She also teaches in the Faculty’s teacher education undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2016, Katrina received the Dean’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning. Katrina started her career in education as a school teacher in Belarus. Before moving to Australia, she taught English and Spanish in a variety of contexts from primary to tertiary education.

  • Email: katrina.tour@monash.edu
  • Twitter: @katrina_tour
  • Research Gate: Katrina Tour

Research interests:

  • Digital/new literacies
  • The use of digital technologies in language education including TESOL
  • Digital parenting
  • Transmedia storytelling/narrative
  • Multimodality and visual pedagogies
  • Critical pedagogy and technology
  • Sociocultural theories of language, technology and education
  • Visual research methodology
  • Virtual ethnography


Digital literacies in EAL (English as an Additional Language) contexts: a survey of in-service teachers in Victoria, Australia (Dean’s ECR Award – $19,500)


Improving refugee students’ access to digital literacies: integrating transmedia storytelling in EAL (Year 7) classrooms (VicTESOL Inaugural Research Grant 2016 – $5,000)

Personalised Professional Coaching Program for Schools ($94,230)

Book Chapters

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Giving research students a ‘Second Life’.pdf

Tour, E. (2012). Rethinking technology use in ESL education. In B. Green & C. Beavis (Eds.), Literacy in 3D: An integrated perspective in theory and practice.  Melbourne: ACER Press. (145-159).

Tour, E. (2012). Critical literacy and ICT: experiences of ESL students in Australia. In P. Chan (Ed.) Asia Pacific Education: Diversity, Challenges and Changes. Monash University ePress. (142-154).
Critical literacy and ICT.pdf

Refereed Journal Articles

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TESOL in times of change.pdf

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Dean’s Early Career Researcher Award (2017)
Faculty of Education, Monash University

Dean’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning (2016)
Faculty of Education, Monash University

Vice-Chancellors Commendation for Master Thesis Excellence (2009)
Faculty of Education, Monash University

Australian Postgraduate Award (2010)
Faculty of Education, Monash University

Excellence in Teaching Award (2003)
Department of Education. Oktyabrsky City Council (Belarus)

Teacher of the Year (2004)
Department of Education. Oktyabrsky City Council (Belarus)