Dr Ed Creely

Dr Ed Creely


Edwin (Ed) Creely is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University.

He is an educator, academic, and writer with an interest in creativity, poetry, literacy (L1 and L2), theory and philosophy, digital pedagogy and technology, and learning. He has wide ranging experience in education from primary and secondary to tertiary and adult education.

His current projects include being an editor on a book about phenomenological inquiry in education, creativity, risk and failure in policy and practice, poetry pedagogy and an ethnographic investigation of an older adult poetry class.

Core to Ed’s work is his interest in innovation and creative practices and bringing new models and perspectives to educational research and practice. He also has an abiding interest in phenomenology and its applications in research.

Research interests:

  • creativity, technologies and innovation
  • literacy, including academic literacies and L1/L2 practices
  • creative practices: poetry, drama and digital         composition
  • digital pedagogy
  • graduate education, including doctoral education
  • phenomenological inquiry and understanding learning
  • the intersections of theory and practice
  • critical discourse analysis (CDA)
  • lifelong learning

Recent Publications

Henriksen, D.,  Creely, E. & Henderson, M. (2019). Failing in Creativity: The Problem of Policy and Practice in Australia and the United States. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 55(1), 4-10, DOI: 10.1080/00228958.2019.1549429


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Creely, E. (2018). What’s poetry got to do with it? The importance of poetry for enhancing literacy and fostering student engagement. Literacy learning: The middle years, 26(3), 64-70.

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Creely, E. (2018). Google and education: a critical perspective. Digital Education Research@Monash. http://newmediaresearch.educ.monash.edu.au/lnm/google-and-education-a-critical-perspective/

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