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News Item

DER on the SBS ‘Insight’ show

Neil Selwyn was a featured guest on last night's episode of Insight which focused on 'How Are Schools Grappling With Screens?'. The show featured a range of schools, students, teachers and parents sharing their experiences with technology at school. Neil features mainly in the final quarter, adding some caveats to the hype that often surrounds technology use in education.

Two PhD scholarship opportunities available: Feedback for Learning and Digital Distraction

Monash University's Faculty of Education is offering scholarships of AU$40,000 p.a. for 3 years (2018-2020) for outstanding applicants who want to focus their doctoral...

Sky News debate on mobile phones and schools

Neil Selwyn was a guest on the Beattie & Newman show talking about the pros and cons of having mobile phones in schools. The appearance on Sky News was a continuation of recent media interest in an emerging trend for Australian schools to ban phones in the classroom - moves that were supported by comments from the Federal Minister for Education.

The problems with learning analytics? LAK18 Keynote

Neil Selwyn was one of the keynote speakers at the 8th international 'Learning Analytics & Knowledge' conference. This annual event features a range of contributors from the learning sciences, data sciences and psychology disciplines, as well as from academic, commercial and practitioner backgrounds. Neil was invited to talk about 'outsider' perspectives on learning analytics - especially the some of the key concerns that are being raised as learning analytics becomes more embedded in education settings.

LNM in Norway

Neil Selwyn is the opening keynote speaker at a two-day research symposium in Lillehammer titled "30 years of ICT and learning in education – major changes and challenges". The symposium brings together academics from the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway and is hosted by the INN (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences).

funding success: Agencia Nacional de Investigation e Innovacion

Luci Pangrazio and Neil Selwyn have just been awarded a research grant from the Uruguayan National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII - Agencia Nacional de Investigation e Innovacion). Their two-year project will focus on the development of digital data literacy with so-called 'tweens' (i.e. 8 to 12 year olds). Research with Australian students will be conducted in parallel with comparative studies in Uruguay led by the project partners from Universidad ORT.

Neil Selwyn interview on Ed-Tech, coding and personal data literacies

Neil Selwyn was interviewed recently for the Digitalsamtal (Digital Chat) podcast by Swedish journalist Anders Thoresson. The 30 minute conversation (which switches to English after the first 30 seconds!) covers a range of issues brought up in a keynote presentation that Neil had just given to the 2017 Makerdays conference in Gothenburg. Topics include the push for coding in schools, ways of developing students' understandings of personal data, and supporting schools to make appropriate (non)use of technology.

Michael Henderson featured in podcast by Melbourne Centre for Study of Higher Education

LNM member Michael Henderson was recently interviewed for the Beyond the Lectern podcast series by Dr Rachel Searston & Dr Jason Lodge from the University of Melbourne, Centre for Study of Higher Education

Welcome to Sandra Dorado Gómez

LNM welcomes Sandra Dorado Gómez – a visiting scholar from the Stellae research group at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Sandra is working with colleagues from LNM for three months (September to December 2017) – funded by the Spanish Government’s Program of Training of University Teachers (FPU). She is working in the area of digital literacy and young people – developing a range of methodological approaches towards, and theoretical understandings of, the development of digital literacies in family and social contexts.

‘Researching Social Media’ seminar (22nd Nov)

Join us for an informal lunchtime conversation between three researchers who are all beginning to explore various aspects of social media, education & society. We’ll be talking through the empirical, theoretical and practical challenges of researching the shifting digital contexts that increasingly mediate everyday society.