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Swedish keynote presentation

Neil Selwyn is giving the opening keynote talk at the #PopUpDig17 conference in Gothenburg on Monday 19th June. The event will feature over 200 researchers, policymakers, government leaders and teachers - exploring critical perspectives on the digitisation of Swedish schools and the ongoing push for coding in the curriculum. Other presenters include Ben Williamson (University of Stirling, UK).

Latest Publications

new article in C-Theory

Luci Pangrazio has an article published in CTheory on the role of art as means of critiquing and disrupting societal narratives of the digital - 'Art as Digital Counterpractice'. Drawing the work of several contemporary artists, the paper identifies four key themes: materialising the digital; privacy in the digital; relating to the digital; and postdigital representations of self and society. The article explores the role of the artist in offering a form/figure of resistance that is inextricably bound to the digital, but also critical of it.

How social are social media? A review of online social behaviour and connectedness

LNM member Tracii Ryan has authored a new article about social media use with colleagues from The University of Melbourne, North Carolina State University, and...