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Neil Selwyn interview on Ed-Tech, coding and personal data literacies

Neil Selwyn was interviewed recently for the Digitalsamtal (Digital Chat) podcast by Swedish journalist Anders Thoresson. The 30 minute conversation (which switches to English after the first 30 seconds!) covers a range of issues brought up in a keynote presentation that Neil had just given to the 2017 Makerdays conference in Gothenburg. Topics include the push for coding in schools, ways of developing students' understandings of personal data, and supporting schools to make appropriate (non)use of technology.

Latest Publications

How Does Technology Enable Scaling Up Assessment for Learning?

LNM members Michael Henderson and Phill Dawson have written a chapter on the potential of scaling up assessment for learning through the use of technology designs.

New publication in Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017

LNM's Mike Phillips is lead author on a new publication in Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017 published by the Association for the Advancement...