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New journal article - Developing a learning-centred framework for feedback literacy

Members of the project team have authored a new journal article titled ‘Developing a learning-centred framework for feedback literacy‘. This article is published in the journal Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education.

There is an increasing focus on notions of feedback in which students are positioned as active players rather...Read More »

New journal article - Conditions that enable effective feedback

The project team have authored a new article titled ‘Conditions that enable effective feedback‘, which is published in the journal Higher Education Research & Development. The article proposes that there are 12 conditions that enable effective feedback in higher education. These 12 conditions were distilled from seven rich case studies through multiple...Read More »

New edited book - The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education

Members of the project team, Michael Henderson, David Boud and Elizabeth Molloy, along with Rola Ajjawi from Deakin University, have co-edited a new book titled The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education.

The book, published by Palgrave Macmillan, draws together leading international researchers across diverse disciplines, offering promising directions for...Read More »

New journal article - The usefulness of feedback

The project team have authored a journal article titled ‘The usefulness of feedback‘, which is published in the journal Active Learning in Higher Education. The article draws on survey data from undergraduate students, which were collected during the first phase of the Feedback for Learning research project. Students’ data...Read More »

New journal article - The challenges of feedback in higher education

Project team members Michael Henderson, Tracii Ryan, and Michael Phillips have published a new paper in the journal Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. The paper presents a qualitative analysis of feedback challenges identified by 3807 students and 281 educators from two Australian universities. The findings reveal three major themes relating to...Read More »

New journal article on feedback modes

Project team members Tracii Ryan, Michael Henderson, and Michael Phillips have co-authored a new journal article which presents a study of students’ perceptions of feedback modes. The article, which is published in the British Journal of Educational Technology, investigates students’ perceptions of detail, personalisation and usability for five different feedback modes,...Read More »

New book chapter - Technology and feedback design

The project team has authored a book chapter called Technology and Feedback Design, which is part of a Springer major reference work titled Learning, Design, and Technology: An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.

The chapter provides a synthesis of recent research into how technology can support effective...Read More »

New journal article - What makes for effective feedback: staff and student perspectives

The team has a new paper out in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. This paper explores what educators and students think the purpose of feedback is, and what they think makes feedback effective. The paper draws on our Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching funded project Feedback for...Read More »

Feedback for Learning - final report now available

The final report for the project Feedback for Learning – Closing the Assessment Loop has just been released. The full report can be downloaded here, and a one-page project overview is available here.

The project was conducted for the Australian Government Department of...Read More »

Challenges of feedback – even more survey findings from staff and students

The following findings emerged from a thematic analysis of two open response items – one staff item, and one student item – from the large-scale survey of staff and students at Monash University and Deakin University. The staff item asked respondents to identify what they consider to be the...Read More »

Beliefs and understandings of feedback - more survey findings from staff and students

The findings discussed below emerged from a thematic analysis of five open-response items from the large-scale survey of staff and students at Deakin University and Monash University (click here for more information on method and participants). These items addressed respondents’ general understandings of feedback, as well as...Read More »

New journal article - Feeling feedback: students' emotional responses to educator feedback

Project team members Tracii Ryan and Michael Henderson have co-authored a new journal article based on the large-scale survey data from this project. The article, published in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, investigates students’ emotional responses to feedback received from educators, with a particular focus on international students and students...Read More »

Feedback webinar: Recording and slides now available

On Thursday 30 November, A/Prof. Michael Henderson (Monash University) and A/Prof. Phillip Dawson (Deakin University) lead a 45-minute webinar in which they provided a brief masterclass of feedback designs, and discussed current educator and student experiences of feedback and strategies to develop and support effective feedback designs. If you missed...Read More »

Current feedback practices - findings from large scale survey

The following provides a first glance at a selection of the Phase 1 survey data. Due to the extensive nature of the data, not all survey items are reported here. Therefore, these data are not intended to be exhaustive, but rather, to present selected initial findings that offer insight...Read More »

Universities are failing their students through poor feedback practices

Feedback for Learning project lead Michael Henderson discusses some of our findings in The Conversation.

Educators and students often struggle to learn from each other through the use of feedback. Our research into feedback practices has found that students and staff find feedback practices largely unsustainable, de-motivating and without opportunity for...Read More »

Feedback for Learning Webinar – Thursday 30 November, 2017 

Assessment feedback regularly receives low course satisfaction ratings in student surveys, with students reporting that comments from educators can be ambiguous, confusing, and returned too late to be useful. However, data also suggest that there are pockets of excellence in feedback practice across Australian higher education. What are these teaching...Read More »

Join us for our National Feedback Roadshow

We are excited to announce that we are bringing key findings and practice implications from the Feedback for Learning project to six capital cities around Australia this October!

Thanks to our partner institutions, the national roadshow kicks off in Melbourne on October 3 and will take in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and...Read More »

Infographic showing 'first glance' survey findings

...Read More »

What makes for ineffective feedback?

by Phillip Dawson

The literature is filled with claims about what makes for effective feedback, for example, feedback that focuses on student self-regulation; feedback designs that require students to act on the comments they receive; and feedback that is timed so students can act on it. But...Read More »