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Feedback for Learning Webinar – Thursday 30 November, 2017 

Assessment feedback regularly receives low course satisfaction ratings in student surveys, with students reporting that comments from educators can be ambiguous, confusing, and returned too late to be useful. However, data also suggest that there are pockets of excellence in feedback practice across Australian higher education. What are these teaching...Read More »

Join us for our National Feedback Roadshow

We are excited to announce that we are bringing key findings and practice implications from the Feedback for Learning project to six capital cities around Australia this October!

Thanks to our partner institutions, the national roadshow kicks off in Melbourne on October 3 and will take in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and...Read More »

Infographic showing 'first glance' survey findings

...Read More »

What makes for ineffective feedback?

by Phillip Dawson

The literature is filled with claims about what makes for effective feedback, for example, feedback that focuses on student self-regulation; feedback designs that require students to act on the comments they receive; and feedback that is timed so students can act on it. But...Read More »