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Futures Perspective

Teacher's Thoughts

A number of teachers were aware of the importance of considering the future in determining what ought to be taught and changing notions of the purposes of school education.

Ideas such as this are consistent with research on scenarios on futures of school education (Halse, 2004; OECD, 2001). The following teacher quotes reflect the teachers’ understandings of these changes.

...we're very aware of the fact that we are actually preparing these students for living in the future, and I guess that's a huge motivation for us. We know that if we don't prepare them for living in the future, they are going to be exposed to technologies that we haven't even dreamt of yet, and we are doing them a great disservice. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)

Teacher TrainingThe schools aren't supposed to be a place for empty minds and we fill them up - they're supposed to be places where we try to get the kids to learn how to fill themselves up. And the future is one of technology, so the more comfortable and skilful they are at using it, the better their chance is for learning for life. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)

I think it's because ICT has always been a part of our way of integrating. We are looking at things like learning to learn, how the brain works. It's all part of what we do, and we focus quite heavily I think on students' learning - not "We're going to improve our maths." It's just all about students learning. And this ICT and eLearning is all just part of it. It's just one big part of that. And that's reflected, I think, in our policies and when we look at directions. We're just reviewing things now and it's still a big part of it. It's not like, "We've done that. Let's move on to the next one." It's been part of it for a long time. Part of the culture. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)

I was talking to some parents the other day . I said to the parents, ".. they can't cope in the modern world without exposure to as wide a range of learning technologies as possible." I suppose with what we've all been saying is we try and build that into our teaching practices and then the learning for the kids. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)