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Interactive Whiteboards

Delivering Rich and Diverse Experiences

Several teachers at Eastern Fleurieu School provided evidence that they accepted responsibility for the use of technology such as the interactive whiteboard in order to provide rich and diverse experiences to their students.

I’ve got a 1/2 class …I have an electronic [Interactive] whiteboard in my classroom…I see my role is really to integrate it into all areas of the curriculum. …I also see my role as exposing them [students], at my age level, to different programs and different technologies, …whether that be maths or literacy or Powerpoints or Click 5 or things like that. So just expanding their horizons with the technologies as well. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)

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In this video, an English teacher talks about her combination of interactive whiteboards with learning objects:

I have used it to help engage students for the less exciting lessons around the grammar and punctuation

In this quote a teacher explains the link between the need to engage students with new technologies and an example of how interactive whiteboards can be used:

I think that we are actually competing with some pretty whizz-bang things that they do at home at school. That’s probably what has driven us to explore things more, because if we just stick with the old chalk and talk and books, we’ve lost them. Society has changed. I think also, the way in which kids learn has changed, hasn’t it, which a lot of the research seems to indicate. Ten minutes and then an ad, ten minutes and then an ad. It’s probably true. But it’s true about that engagement. If I’m standing in front of that board and I’ve got my pen on it, I have got them. And today I did my handwriting lesson on it, and I had them because I’m standing at that board. It’s a great thing. (Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School)

The following quote comes from a focus group of parents and refers to an innovative use of interactive whiteboards:

One of the other things that [teacher name] did…was to use a microscope attached to the computer attached to the smart board and each of the kids chose something really tiny to do a project on and included the picture from the microscope in it and so that sort of was a trigger for them exploring all sorts of interest[ing] things and then using technology in their project. (Parent, Eastern Fleurieu School)