Centre for Educational Multimedia

Digital Newsletters

The Design

This section explores the design of the digital newsletter. Kress (2000) defines design as employing the ‘available resources in a complex ensemble’ (p.157). The important idea to take from this is that there is no one design for a digital school newsletter. At CSDE, they use a program called “Desktop Editor” to construct the newsletter. One of the pages from this newsletter can be seen below.

School communities considering the shift to a digital newsletter should first embark on constructing a design that can accommodate elements of multimodality. The design from this school newsletter included sections that provided the readers with a strong sense of community and place rather than school and pedagogy.

Another consideration for schools communities attempting to move to a digital newsletter, is finding software applications that could support a print and on-line version of the newsletter. This would provide a printable version of the newsletter that might be available to cover a transition period while the school community moves to the on-line access of the newsletter.

The design of the newsletter will be influenced by many factors such as who produces it, the turnover of staff in that section and the time taken to learn the program. The application should be critiqued for its capacity to integrate a wide range of multimodal texts developed by the students. Either the application should support interactive elements as part of the text or the application can link to a wider array of interactive texts.