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Professional Learning

Brookvale Public School: Just in time and ongoing support

The success of professional learning at Brookvale Public School is founded on a mutually supportive model of technology integration. Key factors in its success are:

  • Situated learning with team teaching and teacher relief
  • Just in time support
  • Ongoing support
  • Reliable technology through adequate staffing
  • Using the right person to support the peers

The commitment of the senior management in the ongoing support of the teachers is clearly evident. One of the Assistant Principals is released from his own teaching for one day per week to work in classrooms with teachers. The second Assistant Principal has a similar approach to supporting staff with IT in their own classrooms, and has a strong background as computer coordinator at a larger school.

The staff are incredibly supportive. I've got a great staff here. I mean when I came here, the kids were pretty difficult, they were quite challenging, and - great kids, but they weren't - they didn't really understand the culture of learning, because it's not part of their family culture. And it's much better now. The staff have embraced technology, because they can see that it's beneficial for the kids, and we have a lot of staff who didn't have any skills before, but they're all happy to use technology in the classroom, because we give them a lot of support. (Principal, Brookvale Public School )


"You've got to do it now "

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I think the basic thing is when they need it now, you've got to do it now. You can't do it next week and you can't say I've got other more important things because that's when they're excited, that's when they're on the boil and that's when you've got to move. Sometimes it is difficult to do all of those things all at once but without any doubt if someone comes to you and says look I want to do that, if you can sit down with them straight away and show them, they'll go away and they'll do it straight away. (Teacher, Brookvale Public School )